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Filecode-clean.sh          [source] [9 lines]     
Filecron-curl.sh           [source] [3 lines]     
Filecron-lynx.sh           [source] [3 lines]     
Filedrupal.sh              [source] [144 lines]   Drupal shell execution script
Filedump-database-d6.sh    [source] [101 lines]   Dump a Drupal 6 database into a Drupal 7 PHP script to test the upgrade process. Run this script at the root of an existing Drupal 6 installation.
Filedump-database-d7.sh    [source] [90 lines]    
Filegenerate-d6-content.sh [source] [206 lines]   Generate content for a Drupal 6 database to test the upgrade process.
Filegenerate-d7-content.sh [source] [320 lines]   
Filepassword-hash.sh       [source] [90 lines]    Drupal hash script - to generate a hash from a plaintext password
Filerun-tests.sh           [source] [674 lines]   
Filetest.script            [source] [4 lines]     

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